Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wishlist two. Birthday edition.

Wishlist two. Birthday edition

Today I experienced my first problem as a blogger, this was a scheduled post but it just went up as a blank screen and I foolishly made no copy of what I'd written. So, here goes again...
So, it's my birthday on saturday and these little beauties are what I would love, unrealistically, to receive. There appears to be a colour theme to this one too.

1. My best friend came to stay with me a couple of weeks ago and we both instantly fell in love with this perfume while out shopping. She even taught me the 'spray perfume in your hair' trick, just don't shower before going out that night, oops.

2. My beloved Chloe perfume ran out a little while before Christmas and it still hasn't been replaced, so it will be on every present list until it is.

3. Saw Kristina Bazan wearing this a few months back and thought it was just beautiful so I asked my mama to order it before there was any risk of it selling out. Technically three rings in one so can be worn in different ways (listen to me trying to justify this) pretty sure mine is all rose gold though, rather than the silver centre.

4. Do I need a pouch to put keys in? Not really, but it's just so cute!

5. Ever since the whole Michael Kors watch phenomenon, this one has been top of my list. Highly unlikely that I'll get it for my birthday, but I might at least make a start on the fund for it.

Hoping to get an outfit post done tomorrow which can replace the awful one that is up at the moment. Also, to anyone that has a Michael Kors watch, are they worth it? I'd like to think that they're pretty good quality?

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