Sunday, 12 August 2012

A/W 12

As much as I love personal style blogs and hope that this will somewhat represent one (when I have the confidence to take outfit photos, which WILL happen!) I adore high fashion; the luxe, the elaborateness of the shows and yes, in all honesty, I love the feeling of wearing something designer however rare an occasion it is. Winter for me is the best time of year, there's nothing better than layering up with sleeves that are so long they reach your fingertips, boots with socks and watching films from the warmth of a duvet when it's grey outside. It now feels like that time of year that it has become acceptable to mention winter without everyone wishing away the summer, so with this I'm going to do a little collage of my catwalk favourites for autumn/winter 2012.

I can't ever see a time when Chloe won't be my favourite fashion house, even the perfume is my signature scent! The palette is the perfect combination of nudes, greys and beiges which makes it completely effortless yet cute combined with casual, loose shapes every piece looks so easy to throw together. One day, Chloe, one day.


Ever since that SS11 show, which is possibly my favourite collection ever, Erdem has been on my radar. I love this contrast of tough leather with jewel colours and such pretty, delicate lace. The styling is perfect too, keeping the hair and makeup so simple so you really appreciate the beauty of the clothes. Also, how perfect are those ankle boots?!


I've never really taken any notice of Dolce and Gabbana before, it's been one of those brands that everyone knows about and when you think of designer and luxury it always comes to mind. How could you not take notice of this collection though? It has to be my favourite of the season. Everything is varied; the lengths, the styles, the materials but it all just fits and is so distinctive you would immediately know that a piece is from this show. I'm normally all about basic, simple pieces in nudes and generally steer clear of patterns, but for some reason this baroque and tapestry design I just have to have. How gorgeous and flattering would Magdalena Frackowiak's dress on the right be? Please, someone make an affordable high street version.


Valentino sold it to me this season with the shapes, apart from Sigrid Agren in the single most perfect white lace dress I've ever seen, I'm not too fussed about the prints. However, give me long sleeves and floor length and more often than not I'll want it. Nothing seems too fancy or elaborate but never verges on boring so it would be perfect for day or night. Valentino have done the best campaigns this season too, so sultry.


Finally is Dior, as always chic and feminine with enough structure, cue peplums and slick hair, to make it modern. This for me is all about the details, the cute little cashmere beanie, sheer capelet, sequin embellishment and the chunky ballet shoes which are beautiful in every colour and detract from the elegance and delicateness just enough that you feel like you don't have to be perfect and pristine to wear the dresses!

I don't for one second think that I will own anything from these collections but I am more than happy to let them influence my winter wardrobe and lust at the photos when I'm having a bad day. Also, note the obsession with Josephine Skriver and Frida Gustavsson! I envy everything about those girls.


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