Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A/W 13

It's near enough Autumn now and a change of season means that it's time for the only blog post I seem to do anymore (yes, it really has been eight months and yes, I honestly will try harder!)

There was one show this season that was by far, the most breathtaking and that show was Valentino. When a show has 67 looks in it, there has to be some diversity so that it doesn't appear boring and this was achieved whilst still flowing as a collection. Mixing simple shift dresses with ornate evening gowns and a muted colour palette of monochrome, red and greyish blues combined with shots of understated florals made for an effortlessly attained balance that complimented each side by side look. Four images just wouldn't do this show justice! The simple black dress was evident in every shape but transformed with leather laser cut collars, sheer panels and an oversized scalloped edging. Brights stood out all the more due their rarity but never overpowered the rest of the show because the shapes were so simple. Schoolgirl braids and floors replicating a school hall freshened the collection and confirmed the uniform theme and that leather duffel; yes please!

Chloé is back on my favourites list this season! The collection on the whole didn't wow me and it still hasn't reached the heights that I used to hold the brand at, but there were some stand out pieces. Sheer polka dot blouses; crisp, white cropped jackets and duffel coats that Chloé does so perfectly added a tougher and more masculine edge than we're used to, added to in part by the absence of the classic nudes and pinks. Everything else, though, was a standard for Chloé; simple and unfussy makeup, strong brows and slicked back Parisienne chic hair. Finally, of course, was the Baylee. I'll add it to the wish list!

Burberry Prorsum has always been on my radar (isn't it on everyone's?) but there has always been something lacking. Maybe one or two looks out of every five would stun me but every other seemed like a bit of an anticlimax. This season Christopher Bailey seemed to have it all spot on; latex skirts and sleeves were softened and made wearable with kitten heel shoes; tight, sexy pencil skirts were teamed with thick oversized jumpers and animal prints and hearts were modernised. A colour palette of caramel, black and burgundy paired with the young, fresh face of a Burberry girl that we've come to know and love firmly places the brand back into view.

In contrast, Elie Saab was dark and full of attitude but still managed to maintain elegance and beauty. The gowns lifted the collection in jewel tones while the daywear was strict and tailored in black and navy. Demure silhouettes were made daring and sultry by adding sheer and lace panels and strategically placed embellishments, while everything was feminised with pencil thin belts at the waist and corsetry style piping. The drama then had to come from the super smokey eye makeup and slicked back, loose hair alongside the midnight blue runway.

When you think of Monique Lhuillier, wearable isn't exactly the first word you think of and it certainly isn't what you got from this show! I can't imagine a time when I would need to wear a stunning gown but if I did, I'd want it to be one from this collection. There was the odd piece of daywear (those floral cigarette pants nearly made the final four cut) but the only pieces to really take note of are the dresses which I'm sure will be all over red carpets come next awards season. The gemstone theme was endorsed by blacks, emeralds, reds and golds paired with the embellishments and beading that only a Lhuillier gown can carry. Lace detailing so fine it seems like a tattoo and that neckline on the red Josephine Skriver dress confirms that these really are oscar worthy. Although, I'm desperately trying to figure out a way to wear the skirt/shirt combo.

This post has not only reinstated by love for blogging but for autumn/winter fashion, a not-so-awful summer meant that I had forgotten how lovely it is to wear long sleeves and coats. Oh, and I guess Esther Heesch is my new favourite girl!

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

S/S 13

We've officially launched the Spring phase at work and I've found myself unhealthily addicted to the app, spending every spare minute studying the Spring/Summer shows for work and of course because it's what I love. So it seemed about time for another season roundup starting with, by far my standout show, Saint Laurent. The majority of this collection was absolute perfection, consisting of blacks, greys and nudes it was admittedly not very Spring/Summer but, the flashes of jewel toned brights were enough to be present yet not distract from the evident glamorous rock chic theme. Slim, sharp trouser suits and leather trousers paired with billowing sleeves, soft sheer fabrics and those beautifully iconic pussy bows all seem fresh and effortless even though the style has been done to death and of course those hats. You know I'm usually all about the models; I can hate an outfit but put it on Sigrid Agren or Lindsey Wixson and I'll work 3 jobs to own it! There was something about shading these girls' faces that made it all seem more attainable, perhaps and the mystery left us wanting more. Slimane was obviously influenced by his time at Dior Homme but for his womenswear debut, boy done good.



In absolute contrast to this is Erdem; overtly pretty and feminine with pastel based floral and lace. The clashing neon and streaks of reptile print make this pretty yet edgy not twee and saccharine. With only two trousers in the entire collection, the dresses had to be varied from sheer panels and cut outs to asymetric and zipped fronts. The styling was simple; no jewellery, side parted and slicked back hair into a low slung bun, a subtle dab of orange in the centre of the bottom lip and flawless dewy skin. Jackets, capes and intricate lace and reptile print gloves gave the modern colours and cuts a vintage ladylike twist and the clunky stack heels aid in making the look less delicate and more unexpected.



I was shocked at how many looks I loved from the Elie Saab show, trying to narrow it down to just four was pretty tough. Looking at each outfit in isolation, it could be easy to think there are three different shows happening, but not in a way that the collection feels unfinished and thrown together. It starts with simple tailoring, trouser and short suits in block, muted colours. The middle looks are the ones that suprised me the most - bold, graphic prints muted and made feminine with either form fitting dresses, deep plunge fronts or long flowing skirts. The final looks were made from delicate, sheer lace interspersed with sparkling minidresses in the same colour palette that opened the show. What brings all these looks together is the structure; thick, black piping that breaks up the bold prints or pulls in the waist; sharp lines and bandage skirts within the suits and conveniently placed solid strips within the lace adding structure and modesty! Also, note the hair styles are side parted and slicked back as above, but loosely clipped at the nape of the neck. I think a hair trend is emerging.



Matthew Williamson was really the only other collection that really stood out for me, (shock, no Chloé!) there were stand out pieces from other designers, the odd sundress at Vanessa Bruno or skirt dress at Chanel but this one was consistently beautiful. Apart from the embellished pocket mini dress from a few years back, I've never taken an interest in Williamson, but if every season is as elegant and refreshing as this one then I have been missing out. The cool tones suit the season perfectly, rich, light and summery but not in an obvious bright way and the cut out on the dresses is sexy enough, but the shapes are still wearable. Sheer blouses and tailored jackets contrast with the party dresses making it simple to pull inspiration for any occassion. Easy, unfussy hair make each outfit less dramatic and definitely tick the day to night box if the style can be worn with shorts and shirts or full length gowns.



I do intensely dislike summer, but now at least I'm exicted to shop for it!




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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Isabel Marant Coat

In Paris, our beautiful art deco hotel was centrally located on Boulevard Haussmann, which happens to be the main shopping road, so of course we went shopping on our first day. Galeries Lafayette is probably the Selfridges of Paris and their sale had started a couple of days before we arrived, we weren't looking for anything at all, just having a wander but then I saw a sign that said Isabel Marant à partir €30 and ran straight towards it. There wasn't alot there, it was all a couple of seasons old and was obviously the pretty garish and impractical stuff that no one really wants, but there was this beautiful jacket that I had to try on! Reduced from €330 to €80 I think, plus we had an extra 10% off so it worked out at £60 or something which is a really good price for a high street coat, let alone a designer one.

Isabel Marant Coat
Cos Jumper
Cos Top
Topshop Jeans
Mulberry Bayswater
Ray Ban sunglasses

I still have a hatred of having my photo taken so this is the only one from the entire holiday. The coat is a really thick wool, which was so nice considering the leather jacket I originally packed was really impractical. It does scratch a bit, but putting the collar up helped with that slightly and as for sizing, this is a 2. There was a 3 there as well, which fitted more like a big winter coat, but this is roomy enough for thicker jumpers or just tshirts in autumn and spring.

Yes, that is a huge Balenciaga bag, but it isn't what you think! On the last day I decided to get a Giant Rose Gold Double Tour Bracelet in Jacinthe. It was a bit cheaper than here and I don't plan on going back to Paris for a while now so it will be my little reminder of how much fun this trip was (along with a few other little treats!).


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chloé. Attitudes

As soon as I found out I was going to be in Paris when the Chloé. Attitudes exhibition was on at Palais de Tokyo I knew I had to go. As you may know from my last couple of posts, Chloé has long been my most lusted after brand. The ease of wear, the campaigns and the perfect colour palette, but I'd never really looked into the history. 

The exhibition isn't huge but it gives such a good sense of the growth of the brand, starting with cotton varsity playsuits to the chic, flowing dresses that we see now. 

The styling was so intricate on every single one of the mannequins, from the waterfall braids to the hair being formed into a crown but the continuity came from the ballet slippers on each girl posed on tiptoes to add elegance.

The contrast of this rich, luxe history held in a simple, dark room and each display in a metal framed box just enhanced the beauty of the clothing and created no distractions.

I think it's highly unlikely that I'll ever own an item of Chloé clothing so seeing this many pieces in this setting and even the original sketches by Karl Lagerfeld that were on show makes me feel incredibly lucky.
We didn't see anything else in the Palais de Tokyo as my Mama so eloquently said it was all a bit beyond us, but if you happen to be in Paris and have any interest at all in fashion or even art, then this is absolutely a must see. It takes around 30 minutes to view the exhibit so it won't take up your entire day, unless you follow it up with a beautiful walk along the Seine towards the Eiffel Tower, or like we did, precede it with a walk up the Champs-Elysées and back along Avenue George V admiring the boutiques.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

A/W 12

As much as I love personal style blogs and hope that this will somewhat represent one (when I have the confidence to take outfit photos, which WILL happen!) I adore high fashion; the luxe, the elaborateness of the shows and yes, in all honesty, I love the feeling of wearing something designer however rare an occasion it is. Winter for me is the best time of year, there's nothing better than layering up with sleeves that are so long they reach your fingertips, boots with socks and watching films from the warmth of a duvet when it's grey outside. It now feels like that time of year that it has become acceptable to mention winter without everyone wishing away the summer, so with this I'm going to do a little collage of my catwalk favourites for autumn/winter 2012.

I can't ever see a time when Chloe won't be my favourite fashion house, even the perfume is my signature scent! The palette is the perfect combination of nudes, greys and beiges which makes it completely effortless yet cute combined with casual, loose shapes every piece looks so easy to throw together. One day, Chloe, one day.


Ever since that SS11 show, which is possibly my favourite collection ever, Erdem has been on my radar. I love this contrast of tough leather with jewel colours and such pretty, delicate lace. The styling is perfect too, keeping the hair and makeup so simple so you really appreciate the beauty of the clothes. Also, how perfect are those ankle boots?!


I've never really taken any notice of Dolce and Gabbana before, it's been one of those brands that everyone knows about and when you think of designer and luxury it always comes to mind. How could you not take notice of this collection though? It has to be my favourite of the season. Everything is varied; the lengths, the styles, the materials but it all just fits and is so distinctive you would immediately know that a piece is from this show. I'm normally all about basic, simple pieces in nudes and generally steer clear of patterns, but for some reason this baroque and tapestry design I just have to have. How gorgeous and flattering would Magdalena Frackowiak's dress on the right be? Please, someone make an affordable high street version.


Valentino sold it to me this season with the shapes, apart from Sigrid Agren in the single most perfect white lace dress I've ever seen, I'm not too fussed about the prints. However, give me long sleeves and floor length and more often than not I'll want it. Nothing seems too fancy or elaborate but never verges on boring so it would be perfect for day or night. Valentino have done the best campaigns this season too, so sultry.


Finally is Dior, as always chic and feminine with enough structure, cue peplums and slick hair, to make it modern. This for me is all about the details, the cute little cashmere beanie, sheer capelet, sequin embellishment and the chunky ballet shoes which are beautiful in every colour and detract from the elegance and delicateness just enough that you feel like you don't have to be perfect and pristine to wear the dresses!

I don't for one second think that I will own anything from these collections but I am more than happy to let them influence my winter wardrobe and lust at the photos when I'm having a bad day. Also, note the obsession with Josephine Skriver and Frida Gustavsson! I envy everything about those girls.


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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wishlist two. Birthday edition.

Wishlist two. Birthday edition

Today I experienced my first problem as a blogger, this was a scheduled post but it just went up as a blank screen and I foolishly made no copy of what I'd written. So, here goes again...
So, it's my birthday on saturday and these little beauties are what I would love, unrealistically, to receive. There appears to be a colour theme to this one too.

1. My best friend came to stay with me a couple of weeks ago and we both instantly fell in love with this perfume while out shopping. She even taught me the 'spray perfume in your hair' trick, just don't shower before going out that night, oops.

2. My beloved Chloe perfume ran out a little while before Christmas and it still hasn't been replaced, so it will be on every present list until it is.

3. Saw Kristina Bazan wearing this a few months back and thought it was just beautiful so I asked my mama to order it before there was any risk of it selling out. Technically three rings in one so can be worn in different ways (listen to me trying to justify this) pretty sure mine is all rose gold though, rather than the silver centre.

4. Do I need a pouch to put keys in? Not really, but it's just so cute!

5. Ever since the whole Michael Kors watch phenomenon, this one has been top of my list. Highly unlikely that I'll get it for my birthday, but I might at least make a start on the fund for it.

Hoping to get an outfit post done tomorrow which can replace the awful one that is up at the moment. Also, to anyone that has a Michael Kors watch, are they worth it? I'd like to think that they're pretty good quality?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wishlist one. Topshop edition.

1. I decided that I need a leather biker jacket and this one is perfect. There's a faux leather version too which looks exactly the same style but for around half the price, so if I give in, I'll have to go for that one!

2. Scalloped clothing is one of my vices and I'm big into pretty, pastel pieces with tough leather at the moment.

3. Established recently that I have barely any casual clothes and there are some days when only jeans and a tee will do.

4. Utility shirts are a staple in my wardrobe, pretty sure this one is more grey than khaki though.

5. Pastel and rose gold. These are just too perfect.