Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Isabel Marant Coat

In Paris, our beautiful art deco hotel was centrally located on Boulevard Haussmann, which happens to be the main shopping road, so of course we went shopping on our first day. Galeries Lafayette is probably the Selfridges of Paris and their sale had started a couple of days before we arrived, we weren't looking for anything at all, just having a wander but then I saw a sign that said Isabel Marant à partir €30 and ran straight towards it. There wasn't alot there, it was all a couple of seasons old and was obviously the pretty garish and impractical stuff that no one really wants, but there was this beautiful jacket that I had to try on! Reduced from €330 to €80 I think, plus we had an extra 10% off so it worked out at £60 or something which is a really good price for a high street coat, let alone a designer one.

Isabel Marant Coat
Cos Jumper
Cos Top
Topshop Jeans
Mulberry Bayswater
Ray Ban sunglasses

I still have a hatred of having my photo taken so this is the only one from the entire holiday. The coat is a really thick wool, which was so nice considering the leather jacket I originally packed was really impractical. It does scratch a bit, but putting the collar up helped with that slightly and as for sizing, this is a 2. There was a 3 there as well, which fitted more like a big winter coat, but this is roomy enough for thicker jumpers or just tshirts in autumn and spring.

Yes, that is a huge Balenciaga bag, but it isn't what you think! On the last day I decided to get a Giant Rose Gold Double Tour Bracelet in Jacinthe. It was a bit cheaper than here and I don't plan on going back to Paris for a while now so it will be my little reminder of how much fun this trip was (along with a few other little treats!).


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